Are you
an individual who is not yet a member or currently an entrepreneur, but still want to engage with Impact Hub?


Here are some ways to engage with us:
beyond waste

Beyond Waste

How can we work together as key actors of the Arc Lémanique
to implement Circular Economy in the region ? Can we move beyond waste ? This implies a substantial transformation of our consumption habits and production methods. This Lab will focus on shifting from our current linear and extractive economic paradigm to a circular, regenerative one.
Beyond Waste is a social laboratory to co-create the roadmap for this transition, and start walking it.

Acumen+ MOOC and work group

Impact Hub and Acumen+ have partnered up to create a massive open online course on designing for environmental sustainability and social impact.

Not only can you join the MOOC, but you can also register to be part of a working group who will complete the course from Impact Hub Lausanne, and participate in facilitated workshops along the way!

Hub Academy

Do you work in a large company in Switzerland?

Are you a bit of a free-thinker, an idealist, even a bit of a rebel among your teammates?

Do you wish you could use your full potential to make a difference?

Do you wonder how to do that within your existing company?

If so, intrapreneurship might be your career path! Intrapreneurs are opportunity spotters, free thinkers, risk-takers and game changers that can drive impactful change from inside their organisations. #changefromwithin