Workshop 2 tonnes World in Lausanne

Do you want to take action for the climate? The 2tonnes workshop provides you with the keys to take action in a fun and educational way !

In the face of the climate emergency, we don’t always know how to act : Should we focus on eco-friendly practices or collective actions? Should we become flexitarians or buy second-hand? Should we renovate our homes or use bicycles for transportation? Should we get involved in an organization or in our workplace?

In this workshop, your mission will be to construct a transition scenario together to limit climate change to +1.5°C. To achieve this, you will fast-forward through the next 30 years and choose individual AND collective actions on a national scale. Each action will have an impact on your greenhouse gas emissions !

Which actions should you take ? Which ones have the greatest impact? What is your role in ecological and social transition ?

Come and discover it by participating in the workshop organized and led by the Wiser Impact team at Impact Hub Lausanne.

The workshop will be followed by a social gathering with refreshments.


4 May 2023







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