Climate Fresk Workshop

Based on the work of the IPCC, “The Climate Fresco” is a collective intelligence workshop on climate change.

In the face of urgency, our association’s goal is to educate as many people as possible about climate issues so that everyone can decipher information and effectively take action on both an individual and collective level. “The Climate Fresco” allows novices and experts alike to discover or deepen their knowledge of this subject.

The Workshop

During a 3-hour workshop, 6 to 8 participants come together, tapping into the creativity and collective intelligence of the group to reconstruct the cause-and-effect relationships that make up the Fresco. A facilitator guides the teams to help them during the workshop, ensure good communication among members, and provide additional explanations.


  • Reflection (1.5 hours) : Discover and connect the cards to co-construct the Fresco.
  • Creativity (0.5 hours) : Decompress, make the Fresco your own, and build team spirit by illustrating it.
  • Debrief (1 hour) : Discuss emotions, questions, and draw individual and collective solutions.

What’s Next ?

After participating in this workshop, you can train to facilitate “The Climate Fresco” yourself. It’s your turn to organize workshops and become an advocate in the awareness movement!


9 May 2023





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