Biodiversity Mural

The Biodiversity Mural is a playful and cooperative workshop aimed at raising participants’ awareness about biodiversity issues.

During this workshop, you will discover how ecosystems function, the role of biodiversity for humanity, interactions with human activities, and the threats related to its erosion.

Participation in the workshop is based on a voluntary and conscious contribution, according to your estimation of the workshop’s value, the time dedicated to its organization, and your financial capacity. The funds collected are intended to finance the tools for the Biodiversity Mural, awareness-raising actions, as well as the development of the Biodiversity Mural network.

Duration : 3 hours

  • 15 minutes : Presentation of the concept + Icebreaker
  • 30 minutes : Apéro to understand ecosystem mechanisms
  • 75 minutes: Biodiversity Mural and its 5 sets of 40 cards
  • 30 minutes: Creativity to personalize and evoke emotions
  • 30 minutes: Presentation & debriefing & exchange

For more information, visit the Biodiversity Mural website.

This workshop is organized by the collective “Fresques Zamies & Co.” It will be facilitated by Karine Croquelois, a volunteer facilitator trained for the workshop. An entrance fee is requested to participate, which contributes to covering the venue’s costs and potential compensation for facilitators who come from a distance.


5 September 2023







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