Bump-in & Learn

The Bump-in & LEARN is the webinar series from Impact Hub Switzerland aims to connect and give voice to the members of our Swiss-wide Community.

Every first Tuesday of the month from 11:30am-12:15pm, one of our Hubbers will introduce a challenging and inspirational topic for entrepreneurs and anyone else who is interested, sharing their experience, competences and new skills with the audience. The Impact Hub Switzerland crew moderates every webinar.

What Hynek will be talking about

Everyone talks about visual storytelling. But what does this mean really? Is it just a juxtaposition of images that reflect a spoken text? How to choose the appropriate visual language ? – In my presentation, I will reflect on my films produced for different institutions and give you an insight into the choices my creative team has taken during the creative process. This will not be an exhaustive presentation on how to create the perfect video. However, I will present three key learnings I have encountered over the years and reflect on what has worked and what has not, and engage a discussion with you. Thus, my presentation will be as much a learning moment for me as it will be for you, hopefully !

Who is Hynek ?

I am a visual storyteller who produces videos and animations for institutions in the realm of international cooperation and education. For me, the storytelling doesn’t stop at the end of the video. How a video is used is as important as its message. Thus, I support my clients in their visual communication across different web platforms and channels, creating webpages, designing web based learning modules, or communication campaigns. Cooperation with other creative people is key to the way I work. I love to exchange on my initial ideas and get inspired by what they bring to the project. If you would like to learn more about my work, visit my page : https://dubbedperceptions.com/

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6 June 2023






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