Fresque de l’Alimentation – Fresques Zamies & Co.

The Fresque de l’Alimentation is a collective intelligence workshop inspired by the pedagogy of the Fresque du Climat. It takes place in 4 phases:

  • Ice-breaker (15 minutes): Introduction to the workshop and round-table discussion.
  • Observation (1 hour 30): Reflection on our consumption (meat, fish, cereals, processed products, vegetables, etc.) using cards, quizzes and games.
  • Levers for action (30 minutes): Generic courses of action and links with systemic impacts (climate, biodiversity, health and resilience).
  • Commitment (30 minutes): Making individual commitments.

For more information, visit the Fresque de l’Alimentation website.

This workshop is organized by the collective “Fresques Zamies & Co.” It will be facilitated by Karine Croquelois, a volunteer facilitator trained for the workshop. An entrance fee is requested to participate, which contributes to covering the venue’s costs and potential compensation for facilitators who come from a distance.


2 November 2023





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