PechaKucha Night

Join us for a captivating exploration of movement in both body and mind! Our event will take place on November 30 at the Impact Hub Lausanne, where we’ll be diving into the many facets of movement and mobility.

Movement is a change of position in space of the body or part of the body of a living being. Movement (“voluntary” or “reflex”) is one of the essential characteristics of life. But movement is also present in our minds: how is it possible, or what hinders it? – how do we move?

Mobility is the watchword these days, yet we’ve all experienced confinement and the deprivation or limitation of our movements. We saw then, how our mind sought the activation of other movements and allowed us to make journeys while remaining motionless. Meditation and dreams are also those parts of ourselves that allow us to go beyond our bodies.

We’re also looking for passionate speakers to share their knowledge and experience on this fascinating subject. If you are interested in speaking at our event, or know someone who would be an ideal speaker, please contact us today.

Join us on November 30 for a day of movement exploration, learning and inspiration, and help us create an exceptional event by sharing your ideas and perspectives. Together, we can discover the countless possibilities of movement in our lives.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and reserve your place now! To find out more about the event and submit your proposal, contact us!


30 November 2023





Impact Hub Lausanne

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