SHIFT Vaud 2024: The ecosystem or the art of the cluster?

Join us for the 3rd edition of SHIFT Vaud at Impact Hub Lausanne!

With SHIFT Vaud, we want to host a space for connection, innovation and involvement for the entire Vaud food ecosystem, to radically rethink our relationship with our food.

We don’t just want to talk about these issues, but become a concrete example, from design to organization, of the agri-food ecosystem we want for the future.

We want to bring together people, companies and skills from different worlds, bridge gaps and mobilize collective intelligence by including all sectors that have an influence on the way we eat.

Detailed program

08:15 Doors open, snack and welcome

09:00 Start of event : Welcome, thanks and setting the scene for the day:

Where are we now? Introduction to the doughnut by UNIL’s Centre de Compétence en Développement Durable (brief presentation of the doughnut concept + presentation of the doughnut de l’alimentation Vaudoise, providing a context for the canton of Vaud).

What are the projections for the future? Presentation of the food dashboard developed by HES-SO Sierre, using the example of the Canton of Vaud to show several possible scenarios and their consequences.

What space for possibility in between? Opening up possibilities and conversations in the space, empowering participants to address issues creatively

10:00 L’art de la grappe : Constellations & polarization. To be a strong, resilient ecosystem, we need to enable our stakeholders to connect and get to know each other, so they can make the most of our collective intelligence and skills.

10:45 Break

11:00 Introduction to the space and initial discussions: Why are we here? What are we called to do?

12:00 Lunch break

13:30 The Problem Tree and fermentations: We have 4 innovation boosters (innosuisse) who will moderate this workshop on food-related problems. The aim is to be able to include all the issues of the players present and to connect them. Once the problem tree has been established, we can define the opportunities linked to these issues.

15:30 Break

15:45 Creation of clusters: Linking up players on identified opportunities, some of whom can be supported by innovation boosters with a small amount of start-up capital. The other part can be handled by SHIFT clusters.

16:45 Official closing of the event, thanks and announcement of next year’s date and clusters

17:00 Aperitif & conviviality: You can’t talk about food systems without eating, and you can’t use winegrowing metaphors without tasting the product.

Why and for whom?

We want to close the loops and are convinced that all the solutions already exist within the ecosystem, we just need to connect them. We need every part of our food chain, from seed to stomach, to be able to find solutions collectively. If you feel called, you’re welcome!



Student: 15.-
Individual / Association: 30.-
Company / Support price: 60.-

The price includes your participation (for one day) in the whole day, a morning snack, lunch and aperitif, all 100% organic and Vaudois.


22 March 2024





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