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Apéro Visuel #2: « Practice, Practice, Practice »

Sep 30th
18:30 - 21:00
Impact Hub Lausanne

Sign up is mandatory – reserve your seat via eventbrite!

Let’s meet for this 2nd Apéro Visual to “Practice, Practice, Practice”. We invite you to join a conversation about deliberate practice:

How do you learn a new skill or hone a craft? What works, what holds you back? And how to do it anyway? Besides talking, of course, we’ll also put the pen to paper and draw! So bring your pen and your notebook.


– ice breaker

– intro round

– Discussion round: « Deliberate practice »

– drawing exercises

– Call for participation – who proposes the next topic?

– apéro

– collective clean up

You are welcome to bring snacks & refreshments of your own. If you don’t bring anything, we’ll also have some things to nibble on and drink and you can tip into the contribution box to cover the costs.


We are living in a world dominated by visuals. But do you effectively use them in your work? This meetup is for everyone who is already using visual note taking (doodling, sketching, graphic facilitation etc.) and for all those who don’t (and don’t worry, you don’t need to be « good » at drawing!). This is an opportunity to exchange best practices, learn from one another, get inspired, meet new people and have fun!

When was the last time

…you gave a presentation at work and you noticed your colleagues dozing off?

… you tried to explain an abstract concept to someone and they gave you a blank stare?

Well, guess what, the power is in your hands – just with a pen and your hand, you can learn to communicate your message with more clarity.

These are the benefits of sketch noting:

+ retention of information

+ enhanced understanding

+ synthesis of ideas

+ connecting all of your sensory systems to capture and understand information

+ enjoyable!

About us

We are two visual practitioners who love to draw and use sketch noting, doodling and other visual means in our every day professional lives. We created this meetup to bring together and connect Lausanne’s visual community.

Find out more here:

Claudia Steinau (LinkedIn, is an independent graphic facilitator and recorder, exploring how to make meetings better through visual sensemaking.

Krista Kaufmann (LinkedIn), works as a Community Catalyst at Impact Hub Lausanne and likes to illustrate, draw and practice graphic facilitation in her work and on the side.

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