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Coaching Circle Impact Hub Lausanne

Oct 23rd
18:00 - 20:00
Impact Hub Lausanne

Coaching Circles at Impact Hub Lausanne

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Are you facing a professional or personal challenge? Do you need a fresh perspective? Do you want to learn a collective intelligence method? Join our weekly Coaching Circle to try an innovative approach to create change. You will develop skills to find direction through uncertainty and benefit from collective intelligence for greater clarity and purpose.

What can you expect?

A 90-minute session hosted by an experienced Host. At the beginning of the session, the 6-person group agrees on someone to present their Case, i.e. a situation where they feel stuck. The group is then guided through a process that will provide clarity and possible ways forward for the Case Giver. All members of the group benefit from learning techniques to increase awareness – of the self, of others, and of the whole.

What is this based on?

The Coaching Circle (also called Case Clinic) is a change management method developed by Dr. Otto Scharmer and his team at the Presencing Institute, Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). The method is taught in the online course u.lab: Leading From The Emerging Future on the educational platform EdX. Our team of 8 Hosts are all qualified practitioners. To find out more click here: Theory-U process.

What will you get out of it?

You will learn to apply awareness-based practices, which are simple tools that help you enhance your perceptiveness, gain more lucidity and insights about your next course of action. A few examples of these tools are: stillness, circle form, metaphor, levels of listening, emergence vs. predetermined. Once you are comfortable using awareness-based practices, you will start generating awareness-led innovation.

Does it cost something?

The Coaching Circle aims to provide community members and the greater public an opportunity to experience awareness-based practices and learn about different ways of relating to oneself, others and the world. It is free for Impact Hub members, and CHF 10 for non-members. Sign up via eventbrite.

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