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Factory 17: The pioneers of today shaping the word of tomorrow

Dec 1st
19:30 - 21:00
Forum Geneve – Auditorium Galata

As humans we are inherently connected to nature, and we are in an urgent need to shift towards a financial system that recognizes the value of nature and biodiversity.  At Factory17, we will hear the unique and powerful stories of the pioneers, visionaries and leaders who are playing a part in accelerating this shift towards a new, sustainable future!

Through an evening of powerful storytelling, Factory17 is the key public event of the Building Bridges week, aiming to inspire and encourage the Building Bridges community and allies to step into action, to innovate, and keep going against all odds.

Look at the photos of the last edition during the 2019 Building Bridges week, attracting over 400 participants and a lot of smiles!


Organized by Impact Hub, InTent

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