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Skillshare Lunch: Forget stage fear – have fun improvising your speech!

Jun 6th
12:15 - 13:45
Impact Hub Lausanne

Come and learn something new over lunch time! Bring your own lunch and your curiosity! 

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Veuillez noter que ce skillshare lunch sera en anglais. Par contre, si vous préférez de vous exprimer en français, c’est tout à fait possible et il y aura également des personnes présentes qui pourront traduire pour vous

About the event : What will you learn?

Speaking in front of an audience can be nerve wrecking to some, and exhilarating to others. Is this a skill which can be practiced and improved?
If the right safe space where to experiment and receive feedback exists, speaking in public becomes a fun activity where one learns also from listening to others, and from the feedback which is provided to all speakers, regardless of their level of expertise.
This skillshare lunch will focus on the basics of how to create a short speech, and give tips and tricks to make the most out of the speaking experience.
The workshop participants will all have the opportunity to deliver an improvised short speech, and to receive feedback about it.


About the host: Luca Bertagnolio

Luca Bertagnolio has been speaking in public for decades, and always loved it. But it’s only after he joined Toastmasters International in 2011 that he started to master being on stage, further developing his communication and leadership skills.
Coming from an internet background, Luca has spoken to countless audiences on technology and products. He has been a consultant, a systems engineer, a product manager and a trainer, all roles in which good communication is key.
Luca has decided to partner with Impact Hub Lausanne in bringing the opportunity of Toastmasters to the Hub, and since January 2018 has created “Impact Toastmasters Lausanne“, which meets twice a month to create that safe space people need in order to practice public speaking and communication skills effectively.


Fore more information about Imapact Toastmasters:




12:15                    Arrivée des participant.e.s

12:30 – 13:30     Skillshare Lunch

13:30 – 13:45     Questions réponses (Q&A)



Des Questions?

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Qu’est-ce que c’est, le skillshare lunch? 

Le Skillshare lunch, c’est avant tout l’opportunité d’échanger et partager des compétences au sein de la communauté Impact Hub. Vu que de toute façon, vous allez faire une pause de midi, c’est encore mieux de le faire en apprenant quelque chose de nouveau et en rencontrant d’autres personnes. Car chez Impact Hub, nous visons à créer une communauté d’apprentissage dans une atmosphère de soutien qui facilite la collaboration. #trust #courage #collaboration

Et si je ne suis pas membre d’Impact Hub?

Bien sûr vous êtes les bienvenus de venir participer! Cependant, les places pour les non-membres sont limitées.


What are skillshare lunches? 

Skillshare lunch is all about sharing and exchanging skills within the Impact Hub community. Considering you will eat lunch anyway, why not just do it at the Hub, while meeting people and learning something new and useful? At Impact Hub, we strive to create a learning community in a peer-to-peer setting that is supportive and collaborative. #trust #courage #collaboration.

What if I am not an Impact Hub Member?

You are of course welcome to participate! However, places for non-members are limited.

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