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The rise of freelancing and how to thrive in the new world of work

Nov 21st
18:00 - 20:00
Impact Hub Lausanne

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The jobs of the future are about autonomy, flexibility, artisanship and purpose.

Are you interested in learning how to position yourself in the digital, remote economy?

Who can make the most of this event: Freelancers; Self-employed professionals; Creatives and anyone interested in how the world of work is changing. You will gain practical insights into what can help you thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Laetitia Vitaud (, renowned writer and speaker specializing in the future of work, is coming to Lausanne @ Impact Hub to present her latest book titled “Du Labeur à L’ouvrage” (from Labour to Work).

“The un-bundling of jobs and the increased demand for the values of craftsmanship are best revealed by the rise of freelancing.”

Her research on the rise of craftsmanship shines a light on the numerous emerging opportunities freelancers and independent specialists have, as the world shifts away from fixed employment.

“Craftsmanship is making a huge comeback these days. Consumers are tired of the cheap throwaway products of the Fordist era and seek increased authenticity, uniqueness, durability, originality and personalisation. They want quality stuff made just for them. Luckily, that’s what the digital economy is all about: producing a high-quality and personalised customer experience… at scale.”

Let’s talk about a much more optimistic future than depicted in the news, one where technology empowers you to do your work with more autonomy and creativity.


1. Presentation from Laetitia Vitaud
2. Q&A
3. Craft beers and snacks, on the house

Who’s organizing the event?

The team at – an artisanal strategy consulting company based in Geneva.

La Nebuleuse, the Swiss craft brewery based in Lausanne, is kindly providing this meetup with exquisite drinks and snacks.


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