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Job Searching Switzerland

Oct 2nd
18:30 - 21:30
Impact Hub Lausanne

Are you struggling to land a job in Switzerland?

Job searching in a new market/country can be challenging, and the Swiss markets present its fair share of challenges, especially for foreigners who often do not speak the local language.

After helping hundreds of job hunters find work in foreign countries – and especially in Switzerland – we’ve put together a workshop with practical tools and strategies so you can better understand and navigate the specifics of the Swiss market and tap into the so-called « hidden job market » no matter what kind of network you are starting with. And we promise it doesn’t involve having to ask a complete stranger for a referral or having to be  » salesly  » about your profile as a candidate!

If your job search hasn’t generated the results you want so far, it’s time to change strategy and this workshop will provide you with new and tested approaches to job search in a foreign country and all you need to know to score a job in the Swiss Job Market!

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Discount for Impact Hub members: CHF 69 (normal ticket price: CHF 89).


Workshop organizer: Léa Audergon & Catherine Leduc, Audergon – Leduc Coaching & Consulting


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