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Lucid Dreaming: Meditate while you dream – manage your day as you dream

Dec 6th
18:45 - 20:30
Impact Hub Lausanne


In this introductory talk by Impact Hub member Osel Vega to the practice of Lucid Dreaming, we will talk about the benefits and practical advises for becoming lucid during the dream state in order to get a better rest and how to refresh our minds during the night for the next day.
We will explore practices for the day time where we can become lucid of our mental state and surroundings to gain resilience and mental space by understanding reality from a contemplative perspective.



What is lucid dreaming?

In modern times, our lifestyle is always moving, from one place to another, from one plan to another, from one thought to many. In order to complete our daily life activities, we need to push our body and mind. This will have us eventually end up in a loneliness state of mind and a constant exhaustion physical state. Therefore, our nights are restless and we still feel tired when we wake up in the morning.
Through lucid dreaming we can begin to sort out certain aspects of our lives, enabling us to gain energy and wisdom, starting our day with a fresh and renewed motivation, to speak only about a few of the many benefits of this practice.
Practicing some simple contemplative exercises during daytime will not only allow us to become lucid during our dreams, but also to increase our resilience and to start gaining wisdom about the nature of reality. As a result, we will experience life from this new perspective that arises along with a sense of joy, peace and space.



About the host

Ngakpa Osel Vega is a contemplative practitioner who spent years in the Himalayas under the guidance of his teachers doing different retreats and continue doing retreats in the Himalayas and incorporating the practices in modern life. 

His contemplative roots are in Tibetan Bhuddism learned from different teachers mainly in Mexico and in the Himalayas. After living for more than a decade as yogi, learning, reflecting and meditating, he is currently involved in Contemplative Science, in research and supporting other meditators with their daily practices. 

His activities besides living in family are dedicated to promote contemplative coaching for beginners and stable practitioners, to help them to incorporate the contemplative perspective of meditation in their daily life. 

His view of modernity is not separate it from ancestral wisdom or common sense, offering to the world the mix of these two to find lasting happiness. 





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