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SDGs in the Classroom

Mar 26th
10:00 - 12:00
Impact Hub Lausanne

How might we incorporate topics like the SDGs or sustainability into our curriculum?


Teachers in many schools are being asked to incorporate SDG or sustainability topics into their teaching, but may not have time or support to devote towards this important work. We’ve designed a 2-hour workshop that will act as an implementation sprint to help educators personalize ways to bring the #SDGs into the classroom. Using the Educator Canvas teachers will receive coaching and support to uncover how they might bring a sustainability lens into their content and curriculum.



Our goal is to support local educators as they work to bring the SDGs into the classroom. During the workshop we will provide teachers with the opportunity to:

Develop a vision. We want to show the value of learning about SDGs/sustainability for both teachers and for students. Our goal is help you think more strategically about the SDGs and to understand how this topic benefits students (skills gained, future of work, value of social innovation).

Show how they might integrate the SDGs. There are endless opportunities to integrate the SDGs. The simplest methodology is to bring the narrative into teaching so that content becomes relevant and meaningful. It’s our goal to demonstrate what this looks like, and to explore how to take learning deeper (e.g. PBL opportunities, inquiry, local partnerships).

Provide TIME for collaboration and problem-solving. Teachers need an opportunity to learn about the SDGs and figure out how they might best incorporate it into what they’re doing. It shouldn’t feel like ‘one more thing’. Providing a bit of structure and support to do this work as well as an opportunity to collaborate with others (and coaching) will enable you to get started and have something actionable to bring back to the classroom.

Facilitate local connections. Learn about spaces like the Impact Hub and understand how local social entrepreneurs and organizations are solving SDG challenges. It provides needed inspiration and hopefully facilitates new opportunities for educators and students to learn and get involved.



Michelle Blanchet, The Educators Lab

Michelle is an educational consultant striving to improve how we treat, train, and value our teachers. A former teacher, Michelle is the founder of the Educators’ Lab, which supports teacher-driven solutions to educational challenges. She has worked with organizations like PBS Education, the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, Ashoka, and the Center for Curriculum Redesign. She is the co-author of The Startup Teacher Playbook. It’s her goal to inspire more teachers to use entrepreneurial thinking to bring the SDGs and sustainability into the classroom.


Elaine France, Flow in Action

Elaine brings 25+ years of experience in consulting, training and coaching in social innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial education and resilience with UN Agencies, Govt Depts, Universities, Schools and Social Enterprises; helping to empower communities to unfold flourishing futures through education, leadership and engagement.


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