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What the « co » in coworking means : 8 years of chaos, learning & serendipity

Feb 20th
12:20 - 14:00
Impact Hub Lausanne

Come and learn something new over lunch time! Bring your own lunch and your curiosity! 

Amenez votre propre lunch !
Réservation obligatoire via eventbrite


À propos de l’événement : Qu’allez-vous apprendre ?

Be a great coworker and know your history, in Europe and beyond. From history of the movement and its common roots with the free/open software culture, to the latest Corporate Real Estate impact on this way of working. More about the human factor than a desks and chairs conversation.


À propos de l’hôte : Yann « Shalf » Heurteaux

Yann « Shalf » Heurteaux, born 1980 in Brittany and raised in Toulouse, France, started working with online gaming communities as a volunteer Community Coordinator (aka “Guild Officer”) in the late 90’s, and first tasted the waters of the Web industry and the coworking movement in Brussels, Belgium, in 2011.

Yann is now a freelance Conversationalist in Lausanne, Switzerland, who helps organizations to engage stakeholders and communities in a better way, both on- and off-line.

Yann is the co-founder of Hackuarium, a biohacking community, BSL-1 registered biology lab, and association in the West Lausanne area, focusing on do-it-together, arts, and civic science projects (established in Renens, VD, in 2014, now in Écublens, VD, Switzerland).

In 2015-2016, Yann served as a Board Member for &, and co-founded VillageOffice.

From January 2017 to December 2018, Yann was a founding member and Lead Concierge for La Serre, a health-focused coworking community in Lausanne (Fourmi neighborhood).

He just started, a circular effort around spent grains (“drêches” in French), incubated at Hackuarium, for Lausanne’s urban craft beer breweries, with love and support from Zone-AH!’s ZéBU veterans in Paris, France.

Yann is currently serving as a Lead Concierge for the Dojo Coworking Community (care team for 60 members) and Coworking Consultant for (~300 members, opened January 6), both in Nantes, France.



12:15                    Arrivée des participant.e.s

12:30 – 13:30     Skillshare Lunch

13:30 – 13:45     Questions réponses (Q&A)



Des Questions?

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Qu’est-ce que c’est, le skillshare lunch? 

Le Skillshare lunch, c’est avant tout l’opportunité d’échanger et partager des compétences au sein de la communauté Impact Hub. Vu que de toute façon, vous allez faire une pause de midi, c’est encore mieux de le faire en apprenant quelque chose de nouveau et en rencontrant d’autres personnes. Car chez Impact Hub, nous visons à créer une communauté d’apprentissage dans une atmosphère de soutien qui facilite la collaboration. #trust #courage #collaboration

Et si je ne suis pas membre d’Impact Hub?

Bien sûr vous êtes les bienvenus de venir participer! –> tickets sur eventbrite

Cependant, les places sont limitées.


What are skillshare lunches? 

Skillshare lunch is all about sharing and exchanging skills within the Impact Hub community. Considering you will eat lunch anyway, why not just do it at the Hub, while meeting people and learning something new and useful? At Impact Hub, we strive to create a learning community in a peer-to-peer setting that is supportive and collaborative. #trust #courage #collaboration.

What if I am not an Impact Hub Member?

You are of course welcome to participate! –> tickets on eventbrite

However, places are limited.

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