Unlock Innovation and retain your top talent!

Are you looking for innovative ways and fresh approaches to solve your business problems?

Are you looking for incentives to attract top talents and retain your high-potentials?

Would you like to tap into your employee’s potential for seizing new growth opportunities?

Are you willing to increase your organisation’s capacity for adapting to market changes?


Because people are companies’ most important innovation assets, a simple but powerful approach is to leverage and equip your existing talent with innovation and creative thinking: intrapreneurship.


The Hub Academy is the first step into building an intrapreneurial culture in your organisation. This program* for aspiring intrapreneurs, is designed to provide your top talents – future leaders – with the innovation skills and tools, and most importantly increase their ability to solve your business problems and seize new growth opportunities.

What can you expect as a manager?

Unlock innovation: Based on Deloitte report, supporting an intrapreneurial strategy enables a continuous stream of innovation which drives new product and service development from customer experience improvements to product enhancements.

Retain top talent: Providing more training opportunities and leveraging creative thinking has substantial impact on your employees’ engagement, loyalty and productivity. It will foster a more cohesive culture for growth in your company (Recognize Intrapreneurs before they leave, Harvard Business Review)

Shape the #FutureOfBusiness: be connected to what is happening outside your organisation, innovation trends and other companies’ intrapreneurial strategies. Rethink your business from inside out, seize new growth opportunities and adapt to the current market disruptions (EY report).

Interested to know more?

Talk to Cynthia so that we can design the perfect intrapreneurship program for your organisation!

“[Intrapreneurship] is not easy, but if you don’t do it, you’re going to die. Your company is going to die. We can see that over and over again. You might think it but tomorrow’s promised to nobody. Darwin said it’s not the strongest that survives, it’s not the most intelligent that survives, it’s the one that adapts to change that survives.” – Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

The Hub Academy is designed with the support of the League of Intrapreneurs. As a follow up to the program, the participants can apply to join the world-wide community of intrapreneurs and pursue their career path.