Unlock your meaningful intrapreneurial career!

Do you work in a large company in Switzerland?

Are you a bit of a free-thinker, an idealist, even a bit of a rebel among your teammates?

Do you wish you could use your full potential to make a difference?

Do you wonder how to do that within your existing company?


If so, intrapreneurship might be your career path! Intrapreneurs are opportunity spotters, free thinkers, risk-takers and game changers that can drive impactful change from inside their organisations. #changefromwithin


The Hub Academy is the first step in your intrapreneurial journey. Hosted at a ‘safe-house’ for experimentation (Impact Hub), this program* for aspiring intrapreneurs, is designed to provide you with the necessary mindset and tools, as well as connections to support your organisation towards a more purpose-driven business agenda.

What can you expect as a participant?

Be inspired: Understand the mindset in which experienced intrapreneurs are operating and benefit from their guidance to find your own way to make an impact inside your organisation.

Find your tribe: Connect and exchange with peers from other organisations and build resilience for thriving innovation in complex environments. Intrapreneurship doesn’t have to be a solo journey.

Build your compass: Discover tools and methods to drive #changefromwithin by learning how to make a business case, navigate your organisation and inspire your colleagues.

Interested to know more?

Talk to Cynthia so that we can design the perfect intrapreneurship program for you!

‘Business has the power to change the world. But that would first require a profound change in the world of business.’  – Gib Bulloch, author of The Intrapreneur

The Hub Academy is designed with the support of the League of Intrapreneurs. As a follow up to the program, the participants can apply to join the world-wide community of intrapreneurs and pursue their career path.

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