Give your ideas, inspiration and projects a full time home at Impact Hub free of charge for half a year.

Apply to the Hubonaut program – our 6-month non-monetary exchange.

How does it work?

For half a year you are joining our hosting team on a 1-day/week-basis (8h). In return you are getting a full-time membership for free (equivalent to 395 CHF) and access to monthly workshops to enhance your entrepreneurship skills and familiarize you with the latest sustainability topics.

The hubonaut program is:

Work Experience with Hosting Team at Impact Hub Geneva (20%)

Full-time Access to our Spaces, Activities and Community

Monthly Learning Workshops on Key Knowledge around Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

What is available to you over the period of the program?

*(business modeling/planning, fundraising, impact measurement, pitching, campaigning, …)

*(Human Centred Design, Social Entrepreneurship, Systems thinking, ULab, Storytelling)

A month as a hubonaut

How to apply?

Apply online (questionnaire). The program size is limited to 20 participants. Each program term starts on October 1st and April 1st and lasts for 6 months. However we consider applications continuously as some spots may become available throughout the 6 months program period.