We Give You Space To Create

Our space is designed to foster innovation, spark collaboration and tackle issues that matter. We invite you to step outside your routine to co-design solutions, build new skills, and strategize the next big thing. Let us host your hackathons & brainstorming sessions, team retreats & strategy meetings, product launches & panel discussions.

If you can dream it, we can make it happen!
Want to book a meeting room for up to 10 people?
Want to organize an event in one of our larger spaces?

For Your Meetings

Le Vivarium

Size: 25 m2
Max Capacity: 10 people

Price: 30.- per hour

Le Lab

Size: 35 m2
Max Capacity: 30 people

Price: 50.- per hour

La Cuisine

Size: 20 m2
Max Capacity: 10 people

Price: 30.- per hour


Size: 4 m2
Max Capacity: 2 people

Price: 15.- per hour

For Your Events

La Verrière

Size: 80 m2
Max Capacity: 100 people

Price: 150.- per hour

La Galerie

Size: 45 m2
Max Capacity: 40 people

Price: 100.- per hour

Le Balcon | Le Bureau

Size: 60 m2
Max Capacity: 50 people

Price: 100.- per hour

Ground Floor | Bottom Floor

Size: 230 m2 | 160 m2
Max Capacity: 200 people | 100 people

Price: 300.- per hour | 200.- per hour