Hall 18 – Beaulieu Circulaire’s main events of the inauguration week

Last month, we had the pleasure of inaugurating our premises with five days filled with conferences and workshops on the circular economy. This week not only raised awareness of the challenges facing a more sustainable Swiss economy but also sparked ideas on how to achieve it in the minds of visitors through their participation in […]

MYBLUEPLANET x Academic Citizen’s Assembly

Introduction On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, Impact Hub Lausanne hosted the 2023 edition of MYBLUEPLANET’s Academic Citizen Assembly. This event, focused on the theme of “How to organize Lausanne 2030 for energy self-sufficiency?”aimed to identify promising proposals in the field of local action for self-sufficiency, supported by a majority of participants (over 70%). It was […]

Thirty-three projects have been selected.

In partnership with Impact Hub Switzerland, the Circular Economy Transition initiative has launched the fourth edition of its Circular Economy Incubator this week.

Circular Economy Incubator 2023

For 33 startups from across Switzerland, the three-month support program “CIRCULAR ECONOMY INCUBATOR 2023” has kicked off this week.

Penser l’avenir avec Beaulieu

Les halles nord accueilleront des acteurs engagés dans l’économie durable et sociale. Impact Hub Lausanne, Mentor Energy et l’Eveil (…)

Trobak: la solution qui valorise et optimise la récolte des déchets organiques

The Challenge: The optimization of the collection and valorization of organic waste is a sustainable energy resource that is not sufficiently utilized today. Tons of organic waste are incinerated, neglecting the energy potential of these waste streams because they are often poorly sorted. The Solution: Trobak aims to offer a solution to this waste and […]