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The general increase in electricity prices is one of the indicators of a major energy crisis in Europe, which could lead to future economic and social tensions. Have climate policies favoring decarbonization contributed to the recent surge in energy prices ? It’s difficult to say for sure. Let’s leave the thorny question to the experts and acknowledge that today, a greater deployment of clean technologies and energies would better protect consumers. And when there are so many rooftops and facades available, why scatter photovoltaic panels across nature ? Whether in renovation or new construction, architects must take on this issue with more dedication than they have in the past. As Axel Simon revealed in an article for NZZ, Swiss architects, especially those who captivate the public and shape future trends, dislike technology, especially when it remains visible to all. The few architects who have taken sustainability seriously, incorporating solar panels into their designs early on, have unfortunately not garnered enthusiasm among their peers and have remained on the fringes. However, energy is no longer a secondary concern, and it may well guide the architect’s pencil in the future.


For a brief afternoon, MATILDA, the material library, provides designers with more technical knowledge by connecting them with companies active in the photovoltaic sector. What is the DNA of photovoltaic actors in Switzerland, and what are their strengths ? How attentively do they listen to the needs of clients ? What room for maneuver exists in collaboration ? And what intelligence is behind the product ? Finally, what promising prospects does the research conducted by these companies offer ?


We won’t reverse the tide in half a day because the knowledge needed to deliver high-quality architectural objects will be acquired in the long term. However, the connections forged between designers and companies could endure beyond the autumn event. MATILDA aims to provide the tools that are currently lacking so that designers can fully engage with this burning issue.


Potential partners selected for the audacity of their research and the quality of their products await you at Impact Hub, Beaulieu, on October 6 from 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM. This event is free and supported by the State of Vaud and Swiss Engineering Vaud.


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1:30 Doors open

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, CONFERENCES


  • State of Vaud’s Climate Plan by Camille Orthlieb, Sustainable Construction Manager, State of Vaud, DGIP
  • Challenges and Strategies in Solar Architecture by Beat Kämpfen, kämpfen für architektur, Zurich Aesthetics and Photovoltaics by Alexandre Blanc, Bakker & Blanc architects, Lausanne
  • Aesthetics and Photovoltaics by Alexandre Blanc, Bakker & Blanc architects, Lausanne


Six companies will present to a small group from the audience for 15 minutes each. Groups will then move on to discover the next topic. A relaxed way to exchange and learn from quality companies. A relaxed way to exchange and learn from quality companies.


Featuring :

  • Kromatix
  • Meyer Burger
  • Solskin
  • Sunage
  • Swisspearl

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM, RECEPTION

A moment of pure conviviality, the reception is prepared with vegetarian and local products accompanied by regional wines.


6 October 2023


Impact Hub Lausanne

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