Summer school on urban agricolture

Open to the general public, the Summer School on Urban Agriculture in Switzerland revolves around discussions, visits, and contextualized collective learning, encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects.

As a tool for resilience in the face of climate change, Swiss cities have recently witnessed the emergence of various multifunctional projects, such as rooftop gardens, community gardens, urban gardens, and urban farms. There are also sites requiring more substantial techniques and infrastructure (e.g., hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.). Integrated into the urban landscape, these farms and projects lie at the heart of the urban-rural relationship as they promote local production and consumption.

The challenge lies in ensuring their successful implementation, as the lack of guidance and expertise at the project’s outset hampers their development.

The inaugural edition of the Summer School on Urban Agriculture in Switzerland will welcome a diverse range of stakeholders, with the initial goal of facilitating the emergence of such projects.


1st Lausanne Edition of the Summer School

The Summer School on Urban Agriculture in Lausanne will center around a broadened definition of urban agriculture that aligns with the city’s actions and respects the historical and geographical realities of the Lausanne area. This first edition will also provide an opportunity to present and exchange ideas about the actions carried out by the city and various stakeholders.

Spread across multiple locations in Lausanne and its surroundings, the summer school will offer visits to farms and urban projects, practical workshops to support project leaders and provide guidance in the installation process, as well as insights into the social dimensions of the sites visited.

Seeking to leverage existing initiatives, the annual course “Feeding the City” will be exceptionally integrated into the first edition of the Summer School on Urban Agriculture in Switzerland. This course focuses on designing sustainable food systems in Swiss cities. Participants will be informed about innovative solutions for a sustainable urban food system, gain a detailed understanding of the Lausanne context, explore concrete examples of local initiatives, discuss urban food issues, and exchange experiences on the subject.

The event will bring together a multitude of actors, including citizens, practitioners, community representatives, associative actors, real estate developers, and start-ups.

The Summer School on Urban Agriculture in Lausanne is a platform for information, exchange, reflection, and collaborative construction !


5 July 2023
-⠀7 July 2023




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