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Fresque des Frontières Planétaires – Fresques Zamies & Co.

Fresque des Frontières Planétaires – Fresques Zamies & Co.

Have you completed the climate mural and understand that climate change is not the only issue ? Do you want to learn more about biodiversity, biogeochemical cycles, and the other factors that make our planet habitable ?

The Planetary Boundaries Mural is a collective intelligence workshop based on the model of the climate mural, designed to help participants grasp the concepts of planetary boundaries as defined by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Over a period of 3 hours, you will explore planetary boundaries and their current status, their causes and consequences, and collaboratively develop solutions to ensure a habitable planet.

The Planetary Boundaries Mural encourages participants to step back, discover the 9 planetary boundaries, map and connect key ecological questions, and consider the ecological issue as a whole.

For more information, please visit the Fresque des Frontières Planétaires website.

This workshop is organized by the collective “Fresques Zamies & Co.” It will be facilitated Laure Blois, volunteer facilitator trained for this workshop. An admission fee is required to participate in covering the venue costs and potential expenses for the facilitators who come from afar.


27 November 2023





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