Fresque Océane – Fresque Zamies & Co.

Fresque Océane – Fresque Zamies & Co.

Do you know which marine species is immortal ? Where do green tides come from ? What’s the difference between longline fishing and trawling ? What share does maritime transport have in the transportation of goods ?

Come and discover the “Ocean Mural,” a fun and collaborative workshop to gain a better overall understanding of ocean-related issues, both in terms of threats and opportunities, with the goal of inspiring individual and collective action !

Its fascinating biodiversity, its essential role in the climate system, the extent of its many resources, as well as the impacts of our activities and everyday actions, will no longer be a mystery to you…

Created by Alice Vitoux and inspired by “The Climate Mural,” this workshop is open to everyone, including citizens, communities, businesses, and schools, and will immerse you in a collective underwater exploration.

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This workshop is organized by the collective “Fresques Zamies & Co.” It will be facilitated by Pauline Darde, a volunteer facilitator trained for the workshop. An admission fee is required to participate in covering the venue costs and potential expenses for the facilitators who come from afar.


4 October 2023





‎‎‏‏‎ ‎- 15


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